Parliament of Canada
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Democracy Code of Canada
Democracy Code of Canada - To Restore Canada Into the Hands of the Ordinary People:

Democracy Code - The Final Solution

Avoiding a One Central Global NAZI Government.

World Democratic Tyrants Including CANADA will Continue Their Quest for World Control of People.

People have forgotten what happened during World War II 1933 - 1945. Promises by all World Leaders and World democracies that a Hitler style government would never again be formed in the world ever again, it has again happened on a grand scale.

Around the World and Canadians seem to be waiting for the gas chambers to be built and too see identical Nazi military occurrences to appear before they wake up and realize something is wrong.. Does anyone really think that the gas chambers are need to be constructed before you realize you’ll die immediately after you are led inside. I think it will be too late at that time since the RCMP and military will have all the weapons with the general Canadian population fully disarmed.

It took only two Nazi Gestapo guards, with automatic weapons, to ensure that millions of people were led peacefully into the gas chambers. It will take little effort for the same by the Domestic and International Parasites.

The Canadian Nazi style government is about to take your freedom collectively with all world democratic leaders. A world on the verge of total collapse. It is written that democracy will be the last form of government to fail before the total collapse into the abyss.

The MONKEYS of Canada With NO Interest in Getting a better Canada.

Getting the population traumatized and unable to think is a goal of every combined democracy at this point. Democratic Tyrants are operating without the consent of the population. Creating trauma over and over again, introducing events that change society.. taking away normal high moral values and thought. Hitler once said that he was fascinated by demoralizing a country before the invasion, basically Hitler wanted to break the people before taking their freedom. This is what is happening in Canada today. A demoralized population has no ability to process truth. Truth means nothing and that is what the tyrants want.

The Domestic and International Tyrants are pressing the notion that Homosexuality is good and traditional family is bad.. this is only one example of demoralization of the population. Immigration of Islam into a historic Canadian Christian community is another example. List goes on… and the list is huge. The Tyrants are demoralizing the enemy.. which is you.

The Domestic and International “Deep State Parasite” realize that a human mind is like a spring that can be attacked. Destabilizing your thought is important for the Tyrants to remove your freedoms. A government at war with peoples thinking, changing peoples perceptions of truth. Making unnatural occurrences seem natural in your thoughts. With every destabilizing government event brings a greater and more destructive reaction within people’s thinking. Giving a persons thoughts no time to rest the government hits your thoughts with another destabilizing traumatic event or law. This is to achieve mind control of your thinking by the Tyrants and ultimately having your freedom removed peacefully or under duress and threats. One event after another the population begins accepting everything told to them by the Democratic Tyrants and their appointed officials. Critical thinking is removed from this Canadian Hitler Style democracy. People finding it easier just to listen and accept everything being told to them. Creating one destabilizing event after another they hope to control the population. Truth means nothing anymore.

A government without consent of the population is equally as destabilizing. Soon a persons mind is unable to process information correctly. Critical thinking is removed and government narrative takes over as truth in the thoughts of people.

A World NAZI HITLER SYSTEM With a Different Tactic To Gain Total Submission of the People of Canada.

The current Hitler system of Democracy is to divide and conquer by real and imaginary mental trauma. Ensure people do not understand the difference between lies or truth... right from wrong.

High security throughout shopping centre's, government offices seeking to traumatized and make people feel insecure at all times.

Disarming Canadian MONKEYS for CONTROL NOT SAFETY.

Increased government surveillance.

Private Mobile security patrols everywhere seeking Islamic terrorists and monitoring Canadians on the streets.

A population traumatized from the cost of living, homes, interest rates.. the inflation caused by immigration. It is supply and demand.. the increased demand has placed pricing through the roof with inflation.. the total cause is IMMIGRATION. All government assessments on inflation are a lie..

IMMIGRATION is the leading cause of inflation in Canada, that has placed a great strain on supply that has increased prices for Canadians, the rest is BULL SHIT.

Government Immigration of Islam and other cultures are to dismantle the established historic Canadian Christian values in order to destabilize the population.

Government Immigration of Homosexuals against traditional Canadian families and values.

Government deconstruction of children’s sexual identity.

Promotion of trans-sex in schools at an early age.. destabilizing the children thoughts.. creating mental illness within children.

Men joining female teams and competing in female sports.

Government and media disinformation on COVID vaccines, a coerced immunization. Censorship of the truth. Removing freedom for the non vaccinated.

Men using female change rooms.

Canadian “MONKEYS” who are being led and needing further instructions from the “DEEP STATE” Domestic and International parasites..

A democratically approved fraudulent court system. No public scrutiny of the “Canadian Anti-Christ Assembly” which includes everyone in authority including government appointed.. Judges, RCMP, Military, Senate, Ambassadors. All with the same message.

Democratically accepted RCMP torture of Canadians.

Disinformation from Canadian Media with destabilizing messages.

Immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers from opposing cultures not adopting Canadian values and bring their own old country values having a destabilizing effect on Society.

Government has failed to integrate immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers into Historic Canadian Values and Traditions choosing to fragment the country into a country of “MONKEYS”.

Martial law, RCMP with automatic weapons removing peaceful protest of women, men and children protesting for Canadian Freedom.

Immigrants are permitted to keep their existing foreign citizenship after immigration into Canada. Immigrants having the ability to destroy Canada with their culture and move back home. This is the Plan of the “PARASITIC DEEP STATE”. Crazy.

Government dividing the population into small fragments of “MONKEYS”.

A totalitarian system of government that cannot be reversed.

Once the population is destabilized and without moral value the plan is to take your freedoms. There will be a world event, real or imagined, that will have people freely accept loosing freedom in exchange for the comforts promised by big brother government.

Having the population without the ability to think outside the narrative is important for the Democratic Parasitic Leaders. In the future every thought will be provided to the population through government censorship.

It is NOT racist or homophobia to restore Canada to a time before Canadians became a Country of “MONKEYS”.

Governments around the world are tracking every sphere of human activity .. but it is about to get worse as digital currency and digital tracking is being introduced to the population. It will be sold as a positive event by the tyrants, but the fact remains , this is for control of every human being on the planet. Once digital currency and digital tracking occur nothing on earth will be the same. This must be avoided at all cost.

Digital tracking may be sweetened with Domestic and International Parasitic promises of more money for the people or less wait times for hospital care or maybe the only way to receive any government financial support including “Canada Pension” and “Childcare Allowance” or “GST Rebates for the poor”. The poor and sick will be the first to fall victim to digital tracking. The parasites will use the same tactics as they did with COVID to establish digital monitoring. Forcing people to accept digital tracking by way of forcing people to acceptance government disinformation. Sadly most will follow.

If you are not concerned about Canadians loosing freedom, loosing wealth or speaking out, you are the “MONKEYS” the government is banking to help them take the entire county to the next level. You are helping the parasite class take the freedom from people like me who still want freedom. “MONKEYS” will fall in line with the parasite “Deep State” because they need to be led into the abyss before realizing the truth, basically need to be led into the gas chambers before they realize something is wrong.

The Nazis never attained more than 37% percent of the vote at the height peak of their popularity in 1932, but Hitler was able to grab absolute power in Germany largely due to DIVISIONS and INACTION of the majority who had been opposed to Nazism and the Hitler plan. This is exactly what is happening in Canada.

Societies are being plundered with different cultures, stripping long held traditions. Homosexuality is favored by democratic governments over traditional families for a reason.

In Canada we must seek to restore our racial, historical and cultural identity. Have the same zero tolerance to the tyrants as they had towards Canada. Canadians must have zero tolerance while having Canada is being restored to the 1945 levels.

A racial, religious culture restored to 1945 levels. The same numbers of Caucasian White, Chinese, Muslim, religion and all ethnic to be restored to 1945 levels. It is not racist to restore a country to a time before undemocratic changes to our county had been made without the population consent. This is not racist.. it is resorting our culture that was passed down from generations, a time before the United Nations was formed.

Only United Nations agreements relevant to war, famine or world disaster should remain. All else gets flushed. Canada should not be party to any world agreements. United Nations will no longer have any roll in Canadian immigration. We will be a sovereign state once again.

With respect to Canadian culture.. immigration will focus on applications that will contribute to restoring Canadian cultural and ethnic identity back to 1945 levels.

Another option is to have a made in Canada solution to restore Canadian 1945 culture, identity and traditions by offering families money through redirected immigration funding and providing financial incentives to have children. This would reverse this country’s identity crisis while still protecting the friendships and immigration already made. We strengthen Canadian society by restoring it to a time of peace. This does nothing to destabilize immigrants already here, lets look to the future.



EVERYTHING IS REMOVED AND WE START AGAIN. LAWS TO 1979 and racial identity and heritage to 1945. No more government homosexual Pride funding. Immigration would completely stop from countries that do not enhance Canadian historic traditions, sovereignty, racial and cultural identity until it is 100% restored. I think it will take 500 years to restore the damage done by the tyrants.

This does not affect the people who have already immigrated to Canada or homosexuals that also have immigrated and have sex in the privacy of their own bedrooms. Everything else gets flushed.

Any future votes regarding Canadian society, heritage and traditions are to be from the Canadian born population not politicians, not refugees, asylum seekers or immigrants.

Islam is not Canadian. But I don’t think that it is the Muslim or Islamic fault. It is the democracy of Canada at fault, the same style of democracy as Nazi Hitler used to exterminate. Remember Hitler was a tyrant such as the tyrants that have and continue to destabilize Canada.

Of course the the Domestic and International Parasites will use any excuse, including civil unrest, in order to lock people down and take people’s liberty with martial law. This is exactly what these Canadians tyrants are striving for. Canadians must go after the people responsible for destabilizing Canada and bring them to justice for treason. Beginning from all those who are still alive including those who formed government in 1945. There are plenty that already come to mind. Any person who within their power has changed or destabilized a democratic society, identity and heritage without the consent of the population is guilty of treason against the people and Canada.

Democracy Code of Canada
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